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Getting the family involved in Organic September

Getting the family involved in Organic September

Almost all of us will have seen the organic label on food products or advertised in supermarkets. But few people are aware of precisely what this means. People know that it has something to do with being more natural, but they don’t know the full extent of the eco-conscious benefits that organic produce provides. 

Every year, Organic September gives the family a chance to re-frame our mindset, refocus our efforts, and renew our commitment to caring for our planet. 


Almost all of us will have seen the organic label on food products or advertised in supermarkets. But few people are aware of precisely what this means. People know that it has something to do with being more natural, but they don’t know the full extent of the eco-conscious benefits that organic produce provides. 


So, since this month is dedicated to spreading the word about the organic movement, we’re using this blog post to do our bit. 


Keep reading to learn more about the Organic September campaign, the benefits of buying organic produce at home, and how you can get the family involved with your organic commitment. 


What is Organic September?


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Soil Association’s annual campaign, Organic September is a month-long campaign. 


The aim is to help people, from big businesses to individuals shopping for their families, learn more about what organic produce is and why it is so important. 


This organic showcase is achieved through raising awareness, statistics and studies about the impact of supporting organic production methods and encouraging everyone to buy organic wherever possible. 


By helping more people to understand what makes organic production such a brilliantly eco-conscious practice, Organic September will inspire more people to take action and show their support. 


Throughout the month, you’ll see all sorts of organic content sprouting up on your social feed. 


So, be sure to have a read. Or better yet, go one step further and share it with your friends and family. 

Why should I buy Organic food? 


Ok, so first things first, you might not yet know what organic food is or how it’s produced. 


So, organic food can be defined as food that is made without the use of any chemicals. Furthermore, it has to be made in a cruelty-free way and protects the environment as much as possible. 


These are no small claims. In fact, organic production methods have a remarkably positive impact on the environment, the sustainability of our food system and the health of consumers. 


By buying organic produce, you can: 


  • Reduce your carbon footprint - according to Soil Association, if all Europe’s farmers followed organic principles, by 2050, our agricultural emissions could decline by up to 50%.
  • Help respect the natural balance, as farmers use crop rotation to naturally preserve and protect their fields.
  • Promote healthy soils through the farmers’ use of natural fertilisation methods.
  • Reduce the number of oceanic ‘dead zones’. 
  • Promote natural biodiversity through the banning of chemical pesticides.
  • Stop consuming nasty chemicals - such as artificial fertilisers, pesticides, additives, preservatives, GM ingredients and antibiotics.
  • Enjoy meat that has been produced in a far more environmentally friendly fashion.
  • Know that you are promoting higher animal welfare - according to Soil Association, organic production represents the best farm animal welfare standards of any farming system.

As you can see, there are some genuinely remarkable benefits to buying organic produce. 

Whether or not a producer has met these strict standards is decided by an independent organic certifier. It is this rigorous approval process that makes organic produce unique. 


Thanks to this official procedure, shoppers can be confident that organic produce has earned its title - it’s a label you can place your trust in.  


How can I get my family excited about Organic September? 


Organic September is an excellent opportunity to get your little ones interested in organic produce and excited about supporting it. 


Children are already far more interested in the environment than their predecessors, so you won’t have to worry about sparking their interest. 


Here are just some of the ways that you and your kids could get stuck into Organic September: 


  • Take them shopping with you. By taking your children with you to the food shop, you can teach them about where they can find organic produce and how to make ethical decisions about buying food. 
  • Cook dinner together. Once you’ve got your organic produce, put it to good use! Your kids will be delighted to see how this fresh produce can be transformed into delicious dinners. 
  • Cook fresher. Make fresher alternatives to your typically artificial / highly processed foods (such as cakes, chicken nuggets or chips). You can teach your kids about the difference between the two versions, and you’ll find that they taste loads better, too!
  • Take them to visit a farm. Show your child organic farming in action by taking them to visit a local farmyard.  
  • Use online educational resources. There are loads of resources out there, which will help you teach your child about what organic production means. This video from Soil Association is a great example. 
  • Reimagine your garden. Try transforming your outdoor space so that you can help re-ignite your child’s excitement in the great outdoors.  
  • Try growing your own. Growing your veg is another fantastic way to teach your child about the environment and get them excited about natural food. 

At Mini Beee, we are deeply passionate about protecting our planet. In every step of our process, we incorporate sustainable production methods, which utilise a traditional way of working. 


This way, we can ensure that we are doing our bit to champion a more eco-conscious way of living. 


So, if you want to encourage your kids’ interest in the environment - and successfully extend your Organic September efforts beyond the month - be sure to check out our product range. 


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