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Behind the scenes: a sneak peek into the Mini beee production process

Behind the scenes: a sneak peek into the Mini beee production process

Part of the Mini Beee concept is our production proces. To return to old-school, artisan techniques - and establishing a production process that uses all-natural materials, the experience of highly skilled artisan producers, and proper, solid chunks of wood.

The Mini beee production process is the result of months and months of careful planning


From the moment that founders Maaike and Marjolein first devised the Mini beee concept (for anyone that’s new here, the idea was born after one long phone call), the absolute top priority was to create something special in a sustainable and ethical way.


They wanted to create a business that was eco-conscious in every sense of the term. This meant that they needed to establish a production process that could be depended on for many years to come.


As you can imagine, it made sense for them to take their minds back a few generations, to a more traditional way of producing wooden furnishings.


Artisans and carpenters have been handcrafting products like these for centuries, and this traditional way of working with all-natural materials is a remarkably sustainable one.


Although industry innovations have allowed our methods of production to evolve somewhat, there’s still so much to be said for these original techniques.


So, the goal that was formed was to return to these old-school, artisan techniques - by establishing a production process that used all-natural materials, the experience of highly skilled artisan producers, and proper, solid chunks of wood.


We want to dedicate this blog post to providing you with a close-up look at the Mini beee production methods which, we believe, successfully combines the two worlds of tradition and innovation.


Below, you’ll find our behind the scenes insight into how each Mini beee product is made.


We’ve received an order

Ping! We’ve got an order from our online shop.

When we get this notification, our carpenter gets to work. And no, that isn’t a typo, we have one immensely talented carpenter who makes every piece of our furniture by hand.


Creating something unique to you

This extensive level of craftsmanship may mean that it takes a little while longer for your piece of furniture to arrive at your door. But, you know what they say about good things coming to those who wait…


Plus, this time delay in delivery exists because you are literally getting a custom-made piece of bespoke furniture. We think that’s well worth a bit of extra patience.


We wanted to create a production process that (even if it was longer than factory-based ways of production) enabled Mini beee shoppers to get access to a completely unique piece of furniture for their family to enjoy. In our minds, there’s something rather special about that.

All angles considered

Since the production process is so artisan, every single element has been scrutinised in great detail.


These products are the result of careful planning, drawing, designing and redesigning sessions, until our team successfully achieved the perfect piece. Every element has been intuitively considered, and road-tested at length to ensure that is completely safe for children.


There’s no two ways about it, these products are made to last a lifetime. We can attest to the quality, durability and precision that goes into every little joint.


The Mini beee team is incredibly proud of the furnishings that we make - not least of all because we have invested so much of our time in carefully crafting each one!

A process with sustainability at its heart

We have achieved a fully transparent production process, in which the sustainability of each component is immediately apparent.


The lifecycle of each product is incredibly important to us, and we have spent countless hours thinking each stage through. We have worked to devise a production process which, sincerely, has sustainability at its heart.


Maaike and Marjolein’s goal was to create a production process which was timeproof, and would enable Mini beee’s consumers to incorporate sustainable practices into their everyday lives.


It is our hope that this production process will help other people - both individuals and other businesses alike - see how possible it is to create a production process that is fully eco-conscious, and is sustainable from start to finish.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed this little insight into the Mini beee operations. And, if we’ve got you sold on the idea of a custom-made piece of all-natural garden furniture, you can check out the fruits of our labours on our online shop. Have a browse to find out more about our products, or even secure one for your own garden.


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