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10 Great Eco-Conscious Products to Add to Your Shopping Basket

10 Great Eco-Conscious Products to Add to Your Shopping Basket

Adopting a more eco-conscious lifestyle could easily be done by making these swaps. It doesn’t have to be a challenge.

In the last few years, protecting the environment has become a top priority for families across the world. 


We all want to work to create a more sustainable future, in which we can better protect the planet. That way, we can ensure the continuation of the natural world - which we have so loved throughout our lives - for many generations to come. 


Adopting a more eco-conscious lifestyle could mean a number of different things. It could be done by cutting down on single-use plastics or reducing your carbon footprint, eating less meat or buying more sustainable clothing. There are so many different aspects of our modern lives that we can pick apart, and reconsider from a more environmental perspective. 


Thankfully, making these swaps doesn’t have to be a challenge. As consumers, we’re no longer left in the dark with sustainability. 


Over the past ten years, there have been countless innovations in the field of environmentally friendly options. 


Below, we’ve listed some of our favourite of these products. With these in your home, building a more environmentally friendly lifestyle will be a breeze. 


Grow kits

Getting the family out in the garden is a sure-fire way to instill a love of nature in them. Helping them to understand how the natural world works and how we can help it will be highly rewarding for both of you. If you’re looking for more ideas, we’d recommend checking out these grow kits from Kindly. 


Eco friendly art supplies 

As much as we want to encourage our children to have fun and be creative, we all know how wasteful art can be. 

Thankfully, there are some fantastic eco-conscious art supplies out there. These include everything from beeswax crayons to recycled pencils. To help you on your hunt for new art supplies, Nature Moms has created a highly informative post, which we’d definitely recommend reading. 


Bamboo takeaway options 

It’s when you’re out and about that sticking to your eco-conscious ethos is most difficult. This is particularly true when you’re eating takeout food.  So, investing in reusable straws and cutlery (most of which are made of bamboo, so will biodegrade naturally) is a great way to cut down your single-use plastic usage. 


Reusable coffee cup

As with the point above, one of the most common contributors to Europe’s single use plastic problem is plastic coffee cups. When we’re on the go, it’s all too easy to forget about the consequences of buying single-use takeaway packaging. 

A reusable coffee cup is a fantastic, simple solution. Plus, they look remarkably stylish, too. 


Water bottles

Sticking with the food and drink theme, many of us are guilty of buying a plastic water bottle then throwing it away after one use. This is a common eco error when we’re at work, or out somewhere for the day. 

Avoiding this is easy - reusable water bottles are all the rage right now. Plus, their aluminium lining keeps water lovely and cold for hours. 


Biodegradable sandwich bags

You may think that bringing your own food from home is an eco-conscious effort. And indeed, it is a great practice to adopt. But, if you’re using plastic packaging to transport it, you’re effectively undoing all your hard work. 

 Go one step further by investing in biodegradable sandwich bags. They’re easy to find (both on the internet and in supermarkets) and are a highly affordable option. 


Organic body wash

These sustainable beauty products are an easy way to help you reduce the amount of chemicals that you use in your daily routine.  Reducing the amount of damaging chemicals and pesticides in our lifestyles does wonders for both the environment and our bodies. 


Water filters

These intuitive filters completely remove the need for you to buy plastic bottles of water from the supermarket.  They’re a brilliant all-round kitchen aid - not only do they make our drinking water taste better, but they also cut out any nasty chemicals or pollutants from our tap water. 


Biodegradable wipes

Long gone are the days where we’d use a wipe and bin it without a second thought.  Now, you can get eco-conscious biodegradable wipes for all your home’s needs, including glass wipes, floor wipes, anti-bac cleaners and even leather wipes. 



Sustainable garden furnishing

While we’re focusing on the garden, the next step is to consider how we can make our little patch of green a space that our children love being in. 

At Mini beee, we produce sustainable garden furniture for children, which is designed to transform a garden (of any size) into their favourite new playroom. 


What’s more, every single one of our pieces are completely sustainable. We pride ourselves on using innovative production methods, which are environmentally friendly every step of the way. 

So, if you’d like to find out more about our eco-conscious product range, be sure to check out the Mini beee online shop



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