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Kids find magic in every book you read with them

Kids find magic in every book you read with them

Books are portable magic. Because reading helps improve your childs vocabulary, communication, and grammar skills, it ultimately improves their writing skills as well. ... It is important to start at a young age and teach your child the value of reading. That is what we mean when we say: "Books are portable magic."

Children have a remarkable capacity to learn. They are able to take in new information about the world and how it works at a remarkable pace. As parents, we naturally want to nurture this skill as much as we possibly can. 


By promoting the learning process at this young age, we will help our children’s intelligence to continue to blossom into their teenage and adult years. 


Book reading is an absolutely fundamental example of the skills that parents help their children to learn. It’s a pretty extraordinary thing - watching a child figure out how language works, and learn to decipher these words on a page. 


Numerous studies have shown just how important it is for parents to help guide their child through this knowledge discovery process. 


A recent piece of research undertaken by the National Literacy Trust was especially enlightening on this point. For instance, did you know that of all the subjects taught at school, reading is the one that is most sensitive to parental influences? 


Furthermore, the study stated that ‘parental involvement in their child’s literacy practices is a more powerful force than other family background variables, such as social class, family size and level of parental education’. In addition, the earlier that a parent starts to aid their child’s literacy, the stronger and more long-lasting the impact of this help is. 


As a result, it is evidently clear that parental aid with reading can help to bolster a child’s intelligence, ability and the way that they perform at school across the board.


As you can see, there is no overestimating the importance of the role that we have as parents, especially when it comes to your child’s development. 


At Mini beee, the topic of childrens’ development - and what we can do to encourage this process in the most beneficial way possible - is one which we have always taken a great interest in. That’s why we’ve dedicated this blog post to exploring the extensive benefits of parents book reading alongside their child.  

What are the main benefits of book reading alongside a child? 

Before we get started on the ‘what’, it is worth spending a little more time dwelling on the ‘why’. 

In addition to the points raised above, the key benefits of spending time sitting and reading with your child includes: 


  • Helping to enhance their imagination 
  • Encouraging and fueling the development of their brains 
  • Enabling them to learn more about language, and communicate their own thoughts and feelings more articulately 
  • Enabling your child to develop their concentration skills 
  • Teaching them to retain their focus and concentration  
  • Assisting with their ability to be emotionally perceptive
  • Strengthening the relationship that they are able to build with other people 
  • This experience will promote a love of reading into their later years, too. 
  • Reading together is great fun - it is a precious time to spend with your child, which makes for a wonderful bonding experience. 

What is the best way to approach book reading? 

In short, there is no one ‘right way’. 

You can do this in a number of different ways. In fact, we would encourage you to mix it up a bit!

You could take turns between having your child listen to you read, and them having a go at reading themselves. 


If you can see that your child enjoys it, you could also spend some time discussing the book with them. Ask for their responses to it, and find out what they liked about it. 


Pay close attention to how your child reacts to the book - if you can see that they aren’t engaging with this particular story, don’t be afraid to swap it out for one that you think they’d be more likely to enjoy. 


We would recommend that you try to make time for this activity at least once a day. It doesn’t have to be at a specific time though, just whenever you’ve got a half hour to spare. 


Don’t hold back, either - your child will absolutely delight in you putting on voices, acting out the story, and getting a little bit goofy. In fact, this is a great way to engage them in the book. Plus, it makes the bonding side of this activity even more pronounced. 

At Mini beee, we work to create products which promote this kind of healthy, inquisitive and imaginative development. Our range of outdoor furnishings are especially made to encourage an engaged and beneficial interaction with the natural world. 


Through this, our products can help children to develop into intelligent, emotionally perceptive and considerate adults. 


You can find out more about our full range of furnishings through our Mini beee online shop. 


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