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Imaginative ways to transform your garden

Imaginative ways to transform your garden

Especially now our outdoor space has become enormously important. That’s why we place so much value on making our garden a space to relax and play in. A place that we are proud to call our own.

Picture the scene: a daydreamy afternoon spent outside soaking up the sunshine and listening to the buzzing of the bees, all from the comfort of your own back garden. We think it’s an absolutely picture-perfect way to spend your summer days. 


For us, few other activities boast this same level of tranquility. In fact, just a couple of hours immersed in your garden’s natural habitat provides a brilliant form of mindfulness. 


That’s why we place so much value on making our garden a space that we are proud to call our own. We’re keen followers of the world of garden trends. Whether it’s lighting, plants or furnishings, we take great joy in seeing what new creations and inventions Europe’s garden style gurus have come up with. 


Below, we’ve provided you with a little snapshot of our findings, and outlined our five favourite, creative ways to give your garden a new lease of life.  

Embrace the wild 


One of the latest garden trends that we’ve seen are wild gardens. These involve choosing a set area of your garden, and then, essentially, allowing it to run wild. 


You can plant lots of beautiful wild flowers, then allow this area to grow as it pleases.


By leaving your garden patch to grow in this way, you can create an area of your garden that feels authentically natural. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to encourage insects and other wildlife to pay your thriving garden a visit. 

Flowers that engage all the senses


You’ll struggle to find a flower that doesn’t look beautiful, so that step is pretty easy. But what about flowers that engage your other senses? 


By choosing flowers that smell beautiful too, you can create a gorgeous aroma for your garden. Plus, the other bonus of this is that they are highly beneficial for bees, too. These sweet-smelling flowers will attract bees and help to protect this threatened species. 


Listening to the buzz of bees and smelling the aroma of the flowers, all in all, is a pretty blissful experience.

Creating a permaculture garden 


The term ‘permaculture’ refers to a thriving all-natural ecosystem, which can actually operate in a way that is self-sufficient. This means that is highly sustainable, can be seen all year round, and requires minimal effort from you, too. 


A great way that you can achieve this at home is by planting evergreens (you can also get your child to help you out with this step, too!). Plants like bay laurel, bamboo, or evergreen wall climbing plants like clematis and periwinkle all make wonderful options that, once planted, can be pretty much left alone to thrive. 

Bring the outside in 


Nowadays, more elaborate forms of outdoor decorative pieces are available. By creating the feel as though your garden is essentially an extended area of your home, you can make it more stylish and comfortable. Plus, this will bring the added benefit of encouraging you to spend more time out there, too. 


You could opt for lanterns, plump cushions, and even waterproof outdoor rugs (which are often made using recycled materials). 

Outdoor furnishings 


Extending on the point above, permanent outdoor seating is a great way to improve the comfort and style of your garden. These furnishings make gardens (of any size) far more usable for all the family. 


We can certainly help you out with this last point. At Mini beee, we create outdoor furnishings which are made to seamlessly blend in with natural surroundings. We use ethically sourced, eco conscious natural materials, to create furniture which is classically modern and effortlessly stylish. 


Not only do our products look great, but kids love them too. They are a great way to get the children outside to play imaginatively within the great outdoors. 


If you’d like to see whether one of our pieces would fit with your brand new garden aesthetic, you can browse through our full product range on the Mini beee online shop.


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